I woke up annoyed today

Annoyed my period came

And today is not mark on my cycle calendar

Annoyed that my nephew took too long in the bathroom

Causing me to rush to the downstair bathroom

That had no toilet paper

Annoyed that my sister complained 

That i made the kids oatmeal too hard

When i burned my hand 3 times 

Trying to make it just right

Annoyed that i was late to work 

And when i got there

A co-worker had to point it out

Annoyed that her hair 

Does not blend in

And her lips are always chapped

Annoyed at myself for thinking negatively

Because I don’t want  to be that kind of woman anymore

Annoyed that my office chair has a crook 

And that i just  now noticed it 

That explains my back pain

Annoyed with the simple questions

And paperwork that i just don’t feel like doing

Annoyed that i am complaining about a job

When so many are starving to have one

Annoyed at my ungratefulness

But also annoyed that you are holding it over me

I am annoyed that my vacation is over

I miss the beach 

Ocean waves washing over me

Cleansing me

A release

I am annoyed

Annoyed at my messy room

And the fact i don’t have the energy

Nor patience to clean it

Annoyed at my laziness

Annoyed with my stomach

That sometimes i love it

And other times i hate it

I am annoyed at my inconsistencies 

My contradictions

I am annoyed

I am annoyed that 

I am struggling

I feel like I should be 

On already

That my peers have accomplished 

More than me in half the time 

With more discipline than I

I am annoyed that I am playing catch-up

I have said this before 

But i truely feel like i am floating

I want to be stable and self-sufficient already

I am annoyed

I am annoyed at distractions

I am annoyed that your stupid smile is etched into my thoughts

I am annoyed at my fear of you

I am annoyed that you are here

So close to my space

I am annoyed at my comfort level with you

I am annoyed at my openess with you

I am annyoed that i even included you in these lines

I am annoyed

I am annoyed that i am even on here

I am annoyed at my life right now

So tonight

My pen shall run dry

Annoyances translated

And hopefully related to

Me sharing thoughts

Through video that speak

For me

Or words from me

Verbal Therapy. 

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